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Global Spy

The ultimate mobile game for those in the trade, you might say. Oh okay, fine, we’ll let you non-spies play too, as long as you can assure us of a deep and consuming interest in international espionage.

With 30 challenging missions, you traverse the globe in search of spies and items. Capture your targets before the time limit runs out!

Tap to move, tap to capture–that’s how easy it is to play. The free world is depending on you, Agent 86 (no, not that one, he’s retired… obviously!)



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  1. The mission briefing shows you the spies and items you have to capture.
  2. Capture them in order, one at a time.
  3. Move around the world. Each city has at most one spy and one item.
  4. Spies sometimes move around between the cities, but items are always at a fixed location for a given mission.
  5. At higher levels, some spies may evade capture by escaping to a nearby city, and some items may require a key to unlock them. Keys are just like items–you have to look for them. 
  6. The spy intelligence data feed shows recent sightings, and is crucial for success.
  7. The map is updated every time you move, and helps with route planning.


Earning a certain score and clearing the level will unlock the next level. Or, in the shop, you can also purchase gadgets to advance faster in the game, and even to unlock all levels.

That’s it. Easy to play, hard to master. Should be a cinch for any authentic

Global Spy!


Rich gameplay

Missions: 30

Cities: 30

Spies: 26

Secret Items: 33


Easy to play

Tap to travel

Tap to capture

Navigation map

Spy Intelligence

Real-time action

Global Spy in action

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Tips and Strategy

Keep on the move–the more ground you cover, the sooner you will find your targets.

While doing this, though, keep an eye on the Spy Intelligence, which is updated in real-time, whether you move or not. It will tell you where spies and items have been sighted recently.

Use the Map if you’re not sure how to get somewhere. Actually, there are only 20 cities, and how they’re connected will make sense if you have a basic sense of geography, so you could even get by without the map!

In the higher level missions, you may need a key (for which you have to search) to unlock a item, and spies may flee to a neighboring city when you try to capture them.

Let’s Play Global Spy

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Meet some of

the spies

Cam Brown

Cam Brown

Former MI5 operative

Expert on East Asia and interrogation techniques. Has been known to remain motionless in the rafters of an ancient temple for two days straight, observing a secret ritual involving high level officials and large sums of cash. Extensive network of contacts in the field, most of whom are anxious to kill him. Fluent in many East Asian languages, so with the right makeup and disguises, Cam blends right in.

Mika Kawaguchi

Mika Kawaguchi

Contract assassin

Cool as a cucumber, violent as a ghost pepper. Has trouble keeping boyfriends. They keep dying on her mysteriously, especially after a petty argument. On her days off, modifies her own sniper rifles for extra range and accuracy. Keeps curare and arsenic in her fridge.

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh

Cybertechnology Maven

Network security? Hardened servers? Encryption? Jagmeet laughs (heartily) in the face of such feebleness. Nothing stops him from hacking into government and corporate servers, for the right price. This is Jagmeet’s high school graduation photograph–nobody has ever laid eyes on him since.

Billie Horton

Billie Horton

Femme Fatale

Author of “Honey Trap: You Too Can Sting Like A Bee”. Her modus operandi is always the same. Dinner by candlelight, some dancing, perhaps a romantic walk on the beach, and then it’s down to work–an invitation to her room, torture, I mean interrogation, and disposal of the remains. The dinner part is not strictly necessary, but she likes to do it that way.

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Global Spy players say

Amazing game! Who made this, man? You guys are awesome…

Hi, my name is Sakura. I love Global Spy. I wanna marry Cam Brown.

I am a real spy. This game is just nonsense. Come on, stop giving us spies a bad name, you guys. Seriously!

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